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  1. Country Quest Portugal has gone completely non ridden! To celebrate this decision and milestone, we are offering a discount on all our experiences, even overnight stays, to the non ridden community.

    We are offering a 30% discount on all our packages (excludes courses and workshops, subject to availability)

    Find more details about the experiences on our website;

    To book your experience, contact us and quote “Non Ridden Discount”


    offer port

    perecnt off

    30 percent off


  2. 24th October 2018 The Bitless Non Ridden Equine Facebook group is launched. The group is a partnership between the Non Ridden Equine Association UK, all affiliated Non Ridden Equine Facebook groups, Bitless Horse and Thunderhooves and Sparklehorse. Wendy Wainwright is the lead of this group and brings with her a wealth of knowledge and expertise on all matters biltess and a passion for non ridden equines. Vicki Jayne Yates will support the group as she has a passion for bitless and non ridden. Click here to join.   

  3. The original Non Ridden Equine Facebook Group was launched on 4th May 2017. On the 4th May 2018 we will be celebrating our first birthday with International Non Ridden Equine Day. Each of us can celebrate how we want.

    Here are a few suggestions, but please get creative with your own ideas. 

    • Do something you enjoy non ridden with your equine. Go a walk. Hand grazing. Chilling out together. Play. Grooming. Herd watching. Groundwork, Tricks, Liberty, etc...whatever you love doing non ridden. 
    • Maybe share with people in the Non Ridden Facebook group pictures of where your horse lives. We are a global group so it is great to see where everyone comes from.  
    • Or show off your beautiful equines with a post our non ridden photos, videos and their stories on the Non Ridden Equine Facebook group. Everyone loves to show off their lovely equines. 
    • Maybe your horse has a special trick that will make us smile. 
    • Or give your horse a special treat? What does your horse love? 
    • Bake a cake and share with your horsy friends with a cup of coffee or tea and raise funds for the Non Ridden Equine Association UK. 

    A lot has happened in our first year. 

    • About 1,000 people per month have joined the orginal Non Ridden Equine Facebook group. It has gone global with it's membership. And what a passionate caring inspirational bunch we are. 
    • It was clear from this group that way more than clicking like with like minded people has to be done for non ridden equines and people who choose not to ride. So as a direct result of the group the not for profit The Non Ridden Equine Association UK was launched on 1st August 2017. Which now has a website with resources for people to enjoy for FREE. We have plans to develop the work of the Non Ridden Equine Association UK and as and when we have news we will let our members know.   
    • Affiliated local, regional and national Non Ridden Facebook groups have launched creating a worldwide network of groups who share the same ethos, vision and group rules.   

    All this started because Steve and Vicki Yates have a cob called Kez that cannot be ridden. 

    Happy International Non Ridden Equine Day Everyone

    international non ridden day 2018

  4. It is with great sadness that the The Non Ridden Equine Association UK has cancelled the Non Ridden Equine Event 12 May 2018. 

    The reason is because Vicki Jayne Yates who is organising the event is undergoing treatment for cancer. The Non Ridden Equine Association UK is run by volunteers. We do not have anyone who can step in and take on this work. 

    Sorry to disappoint. Those who have booked and paid via PayPal have been refunded. Those who have booked and paid via cheque have had their cheques returned.  

    We hope to be able to run an event in 2019. 

  5. Your Horse Magazine Showcased an article all around non ridden activities. Here is the link to the article - 7 Ways to Bond with Your Horse (Without Riding)  

    Vicki Yates, founder of the Non Ridden Equine Association UK, shares her ideas for how to boost your bond with your horse, without riding.

    “Spending time with your horse doing non-ridden activities can have huge benefits for you and your horse’s physical and emotional wellbeing,” says Vicki.

    Here, she's come up with seven ways to spend time with your horse.