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The Non Ridden Equine Association UK is a not for profit organisation. Every penny we raise goes directly towards moving the non ridden equine agenda forward. We welcome donations. Every little bit helps.  

Our Current Fund Raiser - The Non Ridden Equine Association Birthday Celebration Raffle. 

The Non Ridden Equine Association UK will celebrate its' 2nd birthday on 1st August. To celebrate we are holding a fund raising raffle, open to all who live in the UK. The draw for the raffle will take place at 12 noon on 24th August at a social coffee morning and fund raiser for the Non Ridden Equine Association UK that Vicki Yates and Steve Yates are hosting at their home in Coventry in the West Midlands. Click here for more information about the coffee morning.  To purchase your raffle tickets before the coffee morning please read on.....

  • In the raffle there are some wonderful prizes up for grabs, please scroll down to see all 32 prizes.
  • Tickets can be purchased at the coffee morning on 24th August 2019.
  • You do not have to attend the coffee morning to purchase raffle tickets or to be a lucky winner.  
  • Tickets can be purchased on-line before the coffee morning, last date for on-line ticket purchases is 12 noon on 21st August 2019. Payment for tickets must be completed by 12 noon 23rd August 2019. 
  • Please use the on-line form below to register for your raffle tickets. The on-line form is not automated so please do not expect an instant reply taking you to payment. Your completed on-line form will arrive safely as an e-mail to us at the Non Ridden Equine Association UK. We will respond to your raffle ticket purchase request as soon as possible. (Please note the association is run by volunteers so we are not able to respond 24 x 7) We will process your raffle ticket request and e-mail a reply to you with details of how to pay for your tickets.
  • Once payment has been received we will e-mail you with your ticket numbers that have been allocated in your name. Your name will go against these numbers and go into the raffle draw. 
  • Due to legal requirements and the costs of postage of prizes we can only post out within the UK. Therefore this raffle is for UK residents only.
  • Tickets cost only £2.50 each or there are discounts for bulk ticket purchases.
  • The raffle will be drawn and witnessed at the coffee morning on Saturday 24th August at 12 noon.
  • There is no cash alternative for prizes.
  • Winners will be contacted via e-mail. (Please note we ask permission to share your name and e-mail with the business that is supplying the prize. If you are not happy for your details to be shared there is an option for you to tell us. If you select this option we will pass on the details of the company providing the prize so you can contact them)  
  • The Non Ridden Equine Association UK is registered and approved with Coventry City Council to run this raffle under the Gambling Act 2005 - Lotteries. Our licence number is LN/219000336. 

Thank you to all the businesses that have kindly donated wonderful prizes. Please scroll down to read all about the wonderful prizes as you can select on your raffle registration which prizes you woul prefer to win.   

Non Ridden Equine Association UK Raffle Tickets Registration
  • How would you like to pay for your raffle tickets?:
  • How many tickets would you like to purchase? :
  • If you win a prize do you give permission for your name and e-mail to be given to the business awarding the prize? :

Prizes from Vicki Jayne Yates BA Hons

Prize No 1) An Original Pastel Portrait by Vicki Jayne Yates. This prize gives you opportunity for you to commission a colour pastel portrait of your equine or pet. A4 size. This original portrait will be from photographs you provide. Click here for more information on Vicki's art work.  

Prize No 2) A Handmade Set of Rhythm Beads. Vicki is donating beautiful bespoke set of rhythm beads with semi precious crystals that are reiki blessed worth £27.99. For more information on her hand made rhythm beads please click here

Prize No 3) A Positive Reinforcement Treat Bag. Vicki is donating a positive reinforcement treat bag, which you can clip to your belt for ground activities with your horse. 

Prize No 4) A FREE Place on a Workshop. Vicki is donating a FREE place on one of her workshops. Workshops are held in Coventry. Worth £50.00 Click here for more information on the workshops.  

Prize from Equestrian Showing Online

Prize No 5) 2 FREE Entries into online showing with Equestrian Showing Online. Click here for more information  on Equestrian Showing Online. 

Prize from Equi-Ability

Prize No 6) Equi-Ability are offering one lucky winner the choice from 3 options:  

  1. Attending one of our workshops for free – generally held at Bissellwood Equestrian Centre at DY10 4ND. This would normally cost a non-member £30 for a 2 ½ hr clinic
  2. A 2 hr workshop for up to two people at your own yard. We would charge for travel costs for any journey of over 5 miles from DY10 4ND and any other expenses incurred by us to attend, but this would need to be agreed on an individual basis. The value of this prize is approximately £50
  3. Two online competition entries for the winner plus one. Each entry for a non-member would normally be £5 and so the value of the prize taken in this way is £20.

The prize would need to be claimed and the choice and details agreed no later than 31st December 2019. For more information on Equi-Ability please click here to visit their Facebook page or click here to visit their website. 

Prize from Country Quest Portugal

Prize No 7) Win a FREE Short Break for a Friend. Country Quest Portugal is offering one winner a buy one, get one free package. This package is if one person books a weekend break, they can bring a friend for free. This could be valid for up to 4 nights but minimum of two nights.  The value of this price is minimum 140 euros, max 280 euros, depending on how long the guests want to stay. For more information on Country Quest Portugal please click here

Prize from Marysia Bird

Prize No 8) A Black and White Portrait by Marysia Bird.  Marysia is offering one lucky winner a black/white A4 portrait (probably pen/ink) of any animal or subject from a photograph supplied by the prize winner. Marysia specialises in original hand drawn portraiture of horses, dogs, gun dogs, cats, farm animals, domestic animals or wild animals. Click here for more information on Marysia Bird's art. 

Prizes from the Horse Agility Club

Prize No 9) The Horse Agility Handbook by Vanessa Bee (Worth £19.95). With a focus on the development of your horse in the new and exciting sport of horse agility, founder of the International Horse Agility Clubs, Vanessa Bee, not only covers the training of the horse, but the ins and outs of the sport itself. Safe construction and negotiation of the obstacles is explained in detail, as is how to use imagination to develop the scope of even the simplest obstacle or agility course. The Horse Agility competitive levels are outlined and Vanessa explains how to organize a competition and training "play" days. A troubleshooting section serves as a reference for those moments when it just doesn’t seem to be working.

Prizes Nos 10 ad 11) The Horse Agility DVD (£12.95) There are 2 DVDs as prizes. So two chances to win a DVD. One DVD per prize. In this DVD, based on her bestselling Horse Agility Handbook (published by Trafalgar Square Books), Vanessa Bee guides the viewer through her proven step by step method to get really good at this exciting and growing sport. Starting with the horse on a lead rope, Vanessa shows the viewer how to safely work towards letting the horse go free over obstacles, in an open space and to compete internationally.

Click here for more information on the Horse Agility Club.

Prize from Trickle Net

Prize No 12) A Trickle Net Mini. (Worth £28.00) This is a brilliant small sized slow feeding net. This fantastic rot proof smaller net is made with 24mm holes and our new green 2.5mm super dense braided polyethylene with high abrasion resistance. Scientifically proven for optimum forage intake and control, the Trickle Net Mini has fixed knots to stop the holes from stretching. Designed with ponies in mind and ideal for use when travelling any equine, this mega Mini Net holds 4 kilos of dry hay and can be used with any type of forage. Handmade with premium quality materials to our unique design, the Trickle Net Mini is a perfect addition to the Trickle Net family and your hay barn! Click here for more information on Trickle Nets

Prize from JG Equine Therapy

Prize No 13) A session with JG Equine Therapy. This would consist of an initial history intake, a static and dynamic assessment of the horse's posture and gait followed by a massage designed to suit your horse's particular needs. JG Equine Therapy offers equines of all backgrounds and disciplines, whether they be ridden or non-ridden, tailoured massage therapy sessions to promote well-being and performance. 

The benefits of massage, or manual therapy, can include:

  • Increasing range of motion in joints
  • Promote mental relaxation and well-being
  • Reduce pain
  • Reduce injury recovery time
  • Improve circulation

JG Equine Therapy operates under the 'Veterinary Surgeons Act 1966' and such veterinary permission will have to be obtained before any sessions can be carried out. Ultimately, this is to safeguard the welfare of your animal. Please note areas covered: Staffordshire, Worcestershire, Warwickshire, Birmingham, Coventry and Wolverhampton. (N.B. Please note possible travel charge may be applied for distances beyond 60 minutes of travel) For more information about JG Equine Therapy please click here.   

Prize from Amelia Goodall

Prize No 14) A Lovingly Crafted Rustic Stable Door Sign. One lucky winner will receive a beautiful hand made door sign. The door sign will add a personal touch to your yard, barn, paddock entrance gate or tackroom. Inspired by the ponies of beautiful Bridie's Meadow, Hampshire. Created by Amelia Goodall. Bespoke creations just for you and your favourite equine. For more information please click here

Prize from Feedmark

Prize No 15) £50 Voucher from Feedmark. The lucky winner will be able to choose which Feedmark supplement is more suited to the needs of their horse or pony. For more information about Feedmark and their supplement range please click here

Prize from Sadie Beech

Prize No 16) A 1 hour FREE lesson at Sadie Beech Centre of Horsemanship in North Wales. This prize is an opportunity to learn with Sadie with one of her experienced horses. For more information on Sadie Beech Centre of Horsemanship please click here

Prize from Global Showing - The Online Horse Show

Prize no 17) £20.00 Gift Certificate for show entries with Global Showing - The Online Horse Show.  The voucher will expire December 2019. 
Global Showing - The Online Horse Show offers a fun and stress free way to compete your horse without leaving the yard and win fabulous rosettes, prizes or prize money all from the comfort of your home.
The monthly schedule includes photo and video classes suitable for everyone and every equine. As well as traditional show classes and fun photo classes, video classes include Starter Dressage, Ridden and Inhand Showing, plus a Horse Agility Class.
Global Showing welcomes Non Ridden, Bitless and all International competitors to the shows.
Click here for more information on Global Showing - The Online Horse Show. 

Prizes from Woods & Whimsies

Prize No 18) One lucky winner will win 3 handmade items: A fairy door which is about 4" high or so and a wooden disc painted with a unicorn and a wooden decorated unicorn head.  Click here to visit Woods & Whimsies Facebook page. 

Prize from Botanica International Ltd

Prize No 19) 300 ml Tub of Herbal Healing Cream. It is just magic in a tub. Fabulous for cuts, insect bites anything! It heals from the inside out and after one application you can notice and see the difference. Click here for more information on Botanica International Ltd

Prize from Putting Horses First Magazine.

Prize no 20) A FREE copy of all THREE issues of the new digital equestrian magazine Putting Horses First. For more information on Putting Horses First Magazine please click here to visit their Facebook page.  

Prize from Andree L Ralph - Whole Horse, Whole Human.

Prize No 21 ) A FREE copy (paperback or ebook, whichever is preferred) of "Quality Time Activities For You & Your Horse" a collection of non-ridden activities designed to enable you to develop a much better relationship with your horse and all based on the principle that our horses and ponies are and always should be seen as our friends and partners. For more information on Quality Time Activities For You & Your Horse By Andree L Ralph please click here .

Prize from Andree L Ralph - Whole Horse, Whole Human.

Prize No 22) A FREE paperback copy of "Enriching Your Horse's Lifestyle - 20 Ways To A Happier, Healthier Horse" - This book shows how it is entirely possible to improve your horse’s life and in turn their well-being - often it’s far simpler than you might think and doesn’t cost a great deal either – it might even save you money! In fact, by enriching your horse’s lifestyle with some or all of the ideas contained in this book, your horse will be healthier, happier, fitter and much more able to cope with the ups and downs of domesticated life. Click here for more information on Enriching Your Horse's Lifestyle - 20 Ways To A Happier, Healthier Horse. 

Prize from the Mane Show

Prize No 23) Win a £20.00 voucher for on-line showing with The Mane Show - Win rosettes & prizes without leaving the yard - Horses, ponies, donkeys & mules ALL welcome. With over 40 relaxed rules dressage, showing, & fun classes there really is something for everyone & every equine. Click here to visit the Mane Show website or click here to visit their Facebook page. 

Prize from Rescue Ranch UK and The Way of the Horse

Prize No 24) A one to one session at Rescue Ranch UK and The Way of the Horse. Your prize is  an exclusive one to one session to meet our rescue horses, ponies and chickens and to understand how we work with these rescues in order to help people in a non ridden capacity. You'll be able to understand how rescue horses can be a value when used alongside people with mental health issues using our unique programs Project Pony and The Resiliene Program. For more information on The Way of the Horse please click here

Prize from S&P Online Horse Shows

Prize No 25) A £10 voucher to be used towards any online showing classes with S&P Online Horse Shows. There are different classes every month and stunning rosettes & sashes to be won. Click here to visit S&P Online Horse Shows Facebook page.   

Prize from Suzie School Horsemanship

Prize No 26) is for an hours tuition with Suzie D'Ambrosio. The prize of a free lesson is within 20 mile radius of Telford, over 20 miles from TF11 a travel fee applies. For more information on Suzie School Horsemanship please click here to visit her Facebook page. 

Prize from Stephanie Tattersall

Prize No 27) A free Massage from Stephanie Tattersall. Certified and fully insured Equine Massage Therapist also registered with the IAAMB/ACWT. I use hands on Sports Massage alongside complementary therapies such as thermal imaging, myofascial release, infrared light therapy and trigger point therapy to decongest, relax and restore tight and restricted muscles that naturally occur in horses of all shapes, sizes and disciplines. Massage therapy helps to keep your horse as comfortable as possible and is just as beneficial for non-ridden equines as it is for the equine athletes. I cover a 45 mile radius of Postcode S42. Outside of 45 miles I’m happy to travel further afield however this would incur extra travel costs. (For reference S42 the nearest town is Chesterfield) For more information on Stephanie Tattersall's services please click here to visit her Facebook page.   

Prize from Horse Shows from Home

Prize No 28) £10 voucher for online showing with Horse Shows from Home. For more information on Horse Shows from Home click here to visit their Facebook page. 

Prize from Sue Carr and Jigsaw / EquineXtra

Prize No 29) Meet Bob, the unique mechanical horse, owned by Sue Carr – founder Jigsaw/EquineXtra. Sue can create a personal training session using Bob to help children and adults alike, from basics such as starting with your first riding experience, improving your fitness levels or existing riding skills through to helping people with existing conditions such as MS and those who have had joint replacements, to help maintain suppleness and movement. Perhaps you have lost confidence with riding and you would like to give it a go again? Sue and Bob can help without the risk of getting on a horse again until your confidence returns. Sue has donated a half an hour Bob session to The None Ridden Equine Association for their fund
raiser. Donate as much as you possibly can for a chance to have a go! Here is Bob with our client Andrew who gets fitter, stronger and more independent in his weekly sessions. For more information on Jigsaw MEPT click here to go to their Facebook page or click here to visit their website. The session will take place at Jigsaw / EquineXtra in  Mawdesley,  Lancashire.  L40 2QY.     

Prizes from Cathy Koetsier MMCP (Masterson Method Certified Practitioner and MM Student Mentor)

Prize No 30) A demonstration of MM techniques for a group of interested horse lovers at a venue of their choice in Norfolk.

Prize No 31) A full 2 hour MM bodywork session for one fortunate equine - horse/pony/donkey based within a 40 minute drive of Diss, Norfolk.

The Masterson Method (MM) is a type of bodywork that works with the natural instincts of the horse to release accumulated tension in three key junctions of the body that most affect relaxation, function and performance. As such, this form of bodywork is suitable - and highly recommended -  for almost any horse, ridden or non-ridden, of any age and stage of development, and of any breed or discipline. 

MM it is a form of bodywork done 'with' the horse rather than 'to' the horse. The horse plays a key role in his own treatment, making him an active participant in the process of releasing tension. Through his responses, he guides the process of non-invasive touch and gentle movements-- safe in knowing that he gets to dictate how much is enough. 

One of the wonderful things about the Masterson Method is that a lot of the techniques can be done by any caring horse owner, and Jim Masterson who developed MM, actively encourages horse owners to learn to do so from his book, DVD's, YouTube video clips and through weekend training courses.

More about the Masterson Method please click here. For more information about Cathy Koetsier please click here to visit her website or click here to visit her Facebook page.

Prize from Rachael Beesley, Equisentient Coaching.

Prize no 32 a set of Equisentient Coaching Cards.

For the first time, Equine Intuitive & Coach Rachael Beesley has harnessed the healing nature and spirituality of wild American horses in the form of an exclusive 44-card deck and accompanying guidebook.

“These cards hold a special energy and offer incredibly insightful guidance. They are beautifully made too. I gave a set to a friend and to use her words, she said “What absolutely beautiful cards. The words are so beautiful I felt tearful. These cards are priceless, utterly brilliant”. If you haven’t already bought a set, you won’t be disappointed. The guidance is spot on every time.” Midi 

“I have a pack of Rachael’s cards which I use for myself and with my clients as part of my Equine Assisted Coaching work. They are beautiful and really thought provoking. It’s a lovely way to help people tune into their inner world and what’s important to them. I would highly recommend them.” 

Each card depicts a photo of a wild horse or horses who roam free at the Return to Freedom sanctuary in California, and Rachael has recounted a reading from each horse to provide an accompanying message.

The cards can be used on a daily basis, or just when the need arises. Each message provides multi-layered answers which can be used time and again to help you move forward in your life.

The coaching cards are available to order as a first edition for just £19.99.

Have fun, explore the comfort these wonderful horses bring, invite the power and insight of the wild horse into your life and marvel at the results.

And as a thank you to the horses who participated in the creation of these cards, we’re donating 40% of the net profits of any card deck sold to the Return to Freedom Wild Horse Sanctuary. Click here to visit Rachael Beesley's Equisentient Coaching website.