About Us and Useful Information on Our Polices

Horses are not born with tack. Plenty cannot be ridden or driven for many reasons. The non ridden horse is often over looked and under valued. Some people choose not to ride and can face many pressures. The Non Ridden Equine Association UK has been set up to celebrate the many joys of non ridden equines. To promote ownership of non ridden equines and good practice.

Steve and Vicki Yates set up the original Non Ridden Equine Facebook page on the 4th May 2017. This group has become a global group attracting about 1,000 new members per month. This group is very inspirational and it was clear that way more than clicking like on a Facebook group with like-minded people had to be done. So with the needs of the membership of the Facebook group in mind the not for profit venture - The Non Ridden Equine Association UK was launched on 1st August 2017. 

Here is what the Non Ridden Equine Association UK provides:-

  • A Library to give you ideas and inspiration for your non ridden equine. This has now gone live. It is far from complete and we need you to help us to expand and develop it. The Library aims to have diversity so we welcome suggestions as to what you would like included in the library.  
  • A growing network of affiliated Non Ridden Equine Facebook Groups that are becoming a good practice network. A place people can chat, enjoy sharing stories, ask questions and join in debate.   
  • Looking to adopt a non ridden equine? Check out the Adopt page. Here you will find links to welfare organisations so you can a perfect equine partner for you. If you are not looking to adopt, you can find out how you can get involved in supporting these organisations. Plus if you have a non ridden equine you need to re-home there are details of organisations that can help.    
  • A signposting section - Ask the Experts - This is so you can find equine professionals and complimentary businesses that can help you get the most enjoyment from your non ridden equine. This section is now live. It is not complete, so if you know of information that should be included please Get in Touch.    
  • Let's Celebrate. This section is all about helping you to celebrate and enjoy your non ridden equine. 

The Non Ridden Equine Association UK is not for profit. It is a membership association. We are a collective voice. Membership is FREE. You can be involved as much or a little as you like in the association. We welcome all: from novices to professionals, non riders and riders, people who own or care for non ridden equines, and those who are seeking a better way. 

We are professionally run with a clear structure, vision, ethos and  mission. We have clear working polices and hold relevant insurance.  

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Kez is the reason we started this journey. He is the inspiration for setting up the original Non Ridden Equine Facebook group and The Non Ridden Equine Association UK. Kez, Vicki Jayne Yates and Steve Yates are the founding members and welcome you to join. Kez is our non ridden an ambassador and he now has his own Facebook page: Kez - Ambassador for The Non Ridden Equine Association UK.  

Check out The Non Ridden Equine Facebook Group.  

Photographs by kind permission of Catherine Slade