International Non Ridden Equine Day

4th May is International Non Ridden Equine Day. A day for us all to embrace non ridden and celebrate. We are not anti-riding, everything non ridden is of great benefit to all equines and humans. 


The original Non Ridden Equine Facebook group was launched on 4th May 2017. With no marketing thousands joined. It was clear that more than clicking like on Facebook had to be done. As a direct result of the need from members the not for profit Non Ridden Equine Association UK was launched. Why UK only? We do not have the funds or resources to tackle global issues. However no matter where you live in the world anyone is welcome to enjoy the Non Ridden Equine Association UK website. It is packed with free to access resources from many professionals to inspire, delight and educate.

Why International Non Ridden Equine Day?

A non ridden equine is the most at risk of abuse, substandard care and abandonment. We have an equine crisis and non ridden equines are the hardest to rehome. This along with if you choose to own a non ridden equine or choose not to ride you face challenges and pressures in an equine world geared towards riding. Very little non ridden is taught at grass roots or showcased in the mainstream on the many delights and benefits of non ridden activities. Mostly what you will see is non ridden activities to prepare a horse to be ridden. Not all non ridden activities have that agenda and have a lot to offer us all.  

On the 4th May we encourage all who have a passion for equines to try out something non ridden. There are a wonderful diverse range of non ridden activities everyone can enjoy. We hope we can change people’s perceptions and challenge thinking by promoting the many benefits of non ridden. In turn so it becomes more accepted alongside riding. We are not anti-riding. If more people valued non ridden equines they will not be seen as worthless. Our campaign is to encourage non ridden activities to be seen as having a high value.

It is FREE to join in the fun. 

We have produced a FREE Non Ridden Resource Pack to give you ideas, suggestions and tips for non ridden activities. To download your FREE copy click here. This resource pack can be used for International Non Ridden Equine Day and year round. It is FUN, FREE and for YOU. Enjoy. 

If you need a poster to display click here to download a FREE poster. 

Before International Non Ridden Equine Day. No matter what you are planning, be it a low key chilling out you and your horse, or a get together with horsey friends, or you are going to a non ridden event, or entering an on-line non ridden activity / show, or you hosting a non ridden activity or event, etc....we are keen to learn about what you have in planning for International Non Ridden Equine Day. Click here to tell us about your plans. 

Open to the Public Non Ridden Equine Activities and Events. If you are hosting a non ridden equine event or activity that is open to the public let us know so we can add your event to the listings. It is FREE to be listed. 

After International Non Ridden Equine Day. Don't forget to tell us what you did on International Non Ridden Equine Day. We are keen to provide a platform for a collective celebration of what you have all done on Intenational Non Ridden Equine Day. Click here to tell us all about what you did to celebrate.