Thank You

A huge thank you to all the businesses that supported International Non Ridden Equine Weekend on 1st and 2nd May 2021. 

Being part of the celebrations makes a huge difference in getting the non ridden equine messages out there. Below is information on businesses that registered to be part of International Non Ridden Equine Weekend and what they offered. Please note that the competitions, offers and giveaways have now closed. 

Vicki Jayne Yates BA Hons

My husband Steve and I are the founding members of the original Non Ridden Equine Facebook Group and part of the team who launched and run the not for profit Non Ridden Equine Association UK. It all started because of our horse Kez being diagnosed with conditions that mean riding is not right for him. As one of the founding members I am delighted to get involved. My own business is helping to celebrate by running a FREE to enter competition to win a set of rhythm beads. Plus 20% discount on Meraki Rhythm Beads. This offer is valid from Friday 30th April 12 noon until Monday 3rd May 12 noon. The discount code is INREW2021. Click here to choose your set of rhythm beads.  

Rhythm beads are great for all non ridden activities, ground work, liberty play, agility, out walking and hiking, long reining and much more.

Horse Agility International Non Ridden Equine Weekend competition

To Celebrate International Non Ridden Equine Weekend of 1st and 2nd May 2021 The Horse Agility Club has teamed up with the Non Ridden Equine Association to offer a very special Horse Agility competition course.

Vanessa Bee, founder of Horse Agility, has designed a course so that everyone can take part with simple to build obstacles and a design that means you don’t need a camera operator if you don’t have one. Just prop your camera on the fence and get moving! You can use the help of a person to film if you want as well.

Click here to access the course plan. You will be asked for a donation of £5 to access the course which includes your entry fee. Fantastic First Prize: An original pastel portrait of your equine by renowned artist Vicki Jayne Yates BA Hons. (One of the founders of the Non Ridden Equine Association UK) Rosettes to 6th place with a score sheet and helpful hints for every entry. Entry fee £5 with ALL entry fees going to The Non Ridden Equine Association to further their excellent work. Closing date 25th April 2021 with results published by the International Horse Agility Club on 1st May 2021. Don’t be left out! Join in the fun and download the course NOW!

Positive Horse Training

Buy the course “Introduction to Clicker Training for Horses” and get FREE access to the online presentation “Dominance and Leadership: Myths in the Horse World” (regular price €39,95)
Incorrect ideas about leadership and dominance in horses can ruin the relationship with your horse. Do you recognize this? People say that you should take more control over your horse. "Your horse cannot think that he’s the boss!". However, you don't feel like fighting over power and dominance, you just want to enjoy your horse. This leaves you feeling vulnerable to other people’s opinion, especially when people say you’re a “softie”. Or…Maybe you’ve always thought that you should be the alpha mare, or the lead stallion. But now that you’re reading this, you might be questioning this idea. You are curious and willing to learn more about a new view. This webinar is for you too. I've been in your shoes too. I fought an inner battle, between what I felt, what I was told and how I saw the world. With empathy, science and modern insights from the training world I can show you how my journey has brought me a complete new type of friendship with horses. After this webinar you will see how...Horses interact with each other in the wild and in our domesticated care. The myth of dominance is harmful to your relationship with your horse. “Saying no to your horse” has nothing to do with leadership, but why it’s very healthy. Click here for more information.  


Reiki with the Herd Workshop in Napa, CA USA. No experience necessary. This is an introduction to the Animal Reiki Source Let Animals Lead® method of guided healing meditation with horses. With this way of being, you will be supported in seeing animals as healers and teachers, remembering that All is Well even in difficult moments, and learning ways to let all animals guide you in being your highest and best self. You will leave tools to practice and beautiful certificate. Date: May 1st 2021
Time: 10:00-12:00 PM. Cost: $50.00. 20% of tuition donated to Sunrise Horse Rescue. Click here for more information. 

PH Equestrian

The 1st and 2nd of May is International Non Ridden Equine Weekend - and in celebration of this, PH Equestrian brings you their first positive reinforcement competition. Your task, is to complete a series of 10 mini (and 1 bonus!) non ridden challenges with a equine partner of your choosing, using positive reinforcement methods. Each movement will be scored out of 10, tallied, and ranked. Top 6 performers will receive rosettes. All competitors will receive score cards. Think you can't do it? You've never considered positive reinforcement as a main method of training? Well have no fear. PH Equestrian will be uploading"how to" videos across all media platforms to help with your challenges. Entries £5 per horse/handler duo.

E-mail [email protected] for more information on how to enter. Entries to be closed and paid for by 26th of April. Submission for videos by the 30th of April. Results on the 2nd of May. Click here to go to PH Equestrain Facebook Positive Reinforcement Groundwork Challenge page. 


This certificate program provides a progressive guideline for folks to prepare their equines to have a safe, enjoyable experience on the trail, show ring or general daily living. There are three levels, bronze, silver and gold in both the in-hand and ridden divisions. To pass each level, an equine must complete all the requirements, unless physically unable to, in that section which includes ground manners, lunge line and obstacle work. Certificates will be awarded when the equine passes each level. Equines should be able to do each requirement in a calm, willing, consistent manner, not show ring perfect. Each person will decide what they feel is a good attempt. There is no time limit to complete the levels. All equines must start at the Bronze level, then Silver to Gold. The goal for this program is for folks to have fun spending time with their equine and try new challenges. International postage will be applied for shipping certificates.

Click here for more information. Those signing up for the program over the International Non Ridden Equine Weekend, May 1st & 2nd,will receive a $5 per equine discount.

PATH Equestrian

To Celebrate International Non Ridden Equine Weekend PATH Equestrian Will Be:

Running two giveaways leading up to the non-ridden weekend.

  • Giveaway 1: will run from April 19th- April 25th for a chance to win a Equus lick mat.
  • Giveaway 2: will run from April 26th- May 1st for a chance to win a PATH Equestrian Assessment Package. 

Plus a 15% discount on all virtual assessments over the International Non Ridden Equine Weekend.

Click here to  follow Path Equestrain on Facebook to know when the giveaways go live.

EAL Academy

Join EAL Academy in honor of the many great ways the Non Ridden Equine provide us experiences, without riding, to learn and grow.
Share your favorite Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) activity for a chance to win free attendance to one of EAL Academy’s upcoming webinars, valued at up to USD $125. 
Submission Requirements:
•       Entry must be submitted on May 1st or 2nd, 2021
•       Entry must be submitted by joining the Facebook group EAL Academy Sharing and posting your activity in this group. 
•       Each post must have a picture or video along with a complete description.
•       The activity must involve a person or people interacting with a horse or horses, where the horses’ feedback is meaningful to the experience and the activity takes place on the ground (no riding)
•       The activity must be created by you and by submission you give consent for it to be used by others
Note:  One winner will be selected by EAL Academy, at their discretion, based on the submission requirements and the level of post engagement with other group members.

Jewels Equine Therapy

Jewels Equine Therapy is run by Julie Brooks who is offering for International Non Ridden Equine Weekend 1st and 2nd May some wonderful special offers. Distance Reiki session - this is available for any animal or person and usually retails at £20 per session. If booked on the above weekend will be at a bargain price of £15 per person/animal. If you would like to book 3 sessions then the total cost will be £40 and if you would like a course of 6 sessions it will be £70. The 3 or 6 can be for 1 person/animal or a mixture eg 2 ponies and 4 people with 1 session each or 3 ponies with 2 sessions each.

Also Julie is offering a distance bitless bridle advice service which usually involves email or messenger with us working together to find a suitable bridle for your horse. These are usually £35 but booked over this weekend will be £30, not just for ridden ponies these sessions can be useful for groundwork and inhand. Click here for more information. 

Releaxed Equine Performance

To celebrate The International Non Ridden Equine weekend Relaxed Equine Performance is pleased to offer £10 off a Masterson Method session of integrated equine bodywork booked on either 1st or 2nd May. Non ridden does not mean non active and with a variety of activities which can be enjoyed such as groundwork, agility and liberty work, non ridden horses can be as active as those that are, benefitting from routine bodywork to help them perform their best with whatever training they participate in. Sessions booked on 1st and 2nd May need to be taken by the end of July 2021 and be within my 40 mile radius of Kenilworth, Warwickshire. (travel costs apply outside the 10mile free zone) For more information click here.

Sage Horsemanship

In celebration of Non-Ridden Weekend, May 1st and 2nd, Sage Horsemanship is offering a 20% discount on all lessons. At Sage Horsemanship we work to educate people on the joys of non-ridden equine life and the wonderful relationships it can provide. All lessons with Sage Horsemanship are non-ridden by nature and explore a multitude of activities all while keeping the horse's enjoyment as a top priority. Lessons explore starting your journey into positive reinforcement, clicker training, movement motivation, improving your relationship with your horse, environment enrichment, safe play, and much more! It doesn't matter where you are in the world, Sage Horsemanship provides virtual lessons as well as in person. No matter if your horse is young, old, injured, no formal education, ridden, or non-ridden, we will develop a lesson plan that fits you and your horse's needs. Click here for more information.