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The content of the website will be mostly aimed for the UK with some contributors of content based outside the UK. If you reside outside of the UK and are happy that the content is mostly aimed for the UK and want to join you are most welcome. Our membership is global, however we don't have the resources to tackle global issues. 

If you own a non ridden equine or have chosen not to ride please join us. People who ride are also welcome. Membership is open to any age and stage of horsemanship from novices to professionals. 

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The Non Ridden Equine Association UK welcomes anyone who shares our ethos. We are seeking to change perceptions and attitudes towards non ridden equines and towards people who choose to not ride. We all have equines in our lives for very personal reasons it doesn’t make one right and another wrong. There is a wonderful diverse range of approaches out there. The Non Ridden Equine Association UK aims as a collective to promote good practice. People who wish to share and promote their approach, ideas, stories or work must therefore agree to some general principles. These are:- 

  • We are all striving to better ourselves, learn and do the best for our equines. Therefore we ask our members to be mindful and compassionate towards others. The association is a hub for sharing. Learning is lifelong for all. We can all learn from one another if we are willing and open minded. 
  • Equines are sentient and emotional creatures. It is about compassion and listening to understand the horse. Interactions and training for non ridden equines must place thoughtfulness, empathy, patience, kindness, harmony, partnership and honesty at it’s heart. The Non Ridden Equine Association UK is committed to promotion of a better way. Therefore we will not be a platform that bashes bad practices. It is a platform of celebration of ethical good practice in its’ many rich and diverse forms. The views expressed by contributors to the website may not necessarily be the view shared by you or the founding members of the Non Ridden Equine Association UK. The website content will be very diverse therefore impossible to apply a quality standard. Therefore we encourage you to use what you learn from here with common sense and with on-going support from professionals of your choice.

Benefits of Membership 

  • A Library to give you ideas and inspiration for your non ridden equine. This is now live. We are a collective voice and the library is a place for people to share their knowledge, insights and ideas. We welcome people contributing resources, so please Get in Touch if you have suggestions for content.   The Library is not complete, it is on-going in it's development. 
  • Adopt - Here you will find links to welfare organisations so you can find a non ridden equine to adopt. If you are not looking to adopt, you can find out how you can get involved in supporting these organisations. 
  • Ask The Experts - here you will find information on welfare, horsemanship and complimentary services. It is now live. However we are in the process of growing this resource, so if you know of information that should be included please Get in Touch.
  • News and Share. Is an interactive section for you to share your news, stories and experiences with like-minded people. 
  • Let's Celebrate. Here you will find information on how to join in celebrating your non ridden equine. 
  • Facebook Groups. You can meet up with like minded people on Facebook. The original Non Ridden Equine Facebook group has many other affiliated national and  Doneregional groups.    
  • Events. Here we will put information on the Non Ridden Equine Association UK events. Plus we will promote non association events that are suitable for non ridden equines. 
  • Plus e-mail news.