Non Ridden Equine Friendly Businesses Outside of the UK

The Non Ridden Equine Association UK focus is UK based. However because we are the only non ridden equine association we welcome all no matter where in the world people live. Therefore we will award Non Ridden Equine Friendly Status to businesses who approach us no matter where in the world they are based. Here we list businesses that are outside of the UK that have been awarded Non Ridden Equine Friendly status. If you run a business that is non ridden equine friendly and wish to apply for Non Ridden Equine Friendly status click here for more information. It is FREE to apply and FREE to be listed. Please note we are not set up to be a global platform so the businesses listied here are not listed by each country. 

In no priority order

  • Country Quest Portugal offers mindfulness with horses, walking with horses as well as horse friendly, bitless trail rides. Our horses wellbeing is our priority. 
  • IdleWild Farm in Cave Creek, Arizona specializes in mustangs, minis, and difficult equines with a special emphasis on the non-ridden equine. At IdleWild we understand that everyone has different dreams and aspirations for their horses and we welcome all in our training.
  • Lincoln Park Horse and Human Rehabilitation Centre in Monarto South, South Australia, Australia specialises in equine therapy for service veterans with PTSD and their families, and others who would like to benefit from equine therapy. The therapy sessions are non-ridden, using only positive methods without pressure or judgement. Lincoln Park also runs regular groundwork agility days and a monthly trail walking club, where horses can be either ridden, driven in harness or led on quiet trails on the property. There is also a monthly Kids Club, where children are taught handling and grooming skills, followed by simple groundwork agility obstacles in a safe, fun environment. (Link goes to their Facebook page) 
  • Whispering Horse in Melbourne, Australia is a science based, force-free horse trainer and coach.  She helps people build a better relationship with their horses, as well as training behaviours that include basic handling, husbandry, trimming, voluntary movement/exercise and problem solving including dealing with feral or unhandled horses. 
  • Horse and Human Rescue in Colorado, USA is an equine sanctuary with the non/profit side being Horse and Human Rescue. They have 7 horses now 3 of whom are retired. They are non-ridden equines who are enjoying their life. I encourage people particularly elders to just hang out with them. It’s great for seniors. 
  • Positive Horse Training Spain. The named contact is: Claire Waldron. Postive Horse Training is an Equine Rehabilitation Centre officially registered as a charity in Spain. They train using positive reinforcement. Their mission is to demonstrate best practice for behavioural and emotional rehabilitation of rescued horses,through education. They provide support for registered equine charities in the use of positive reinforcement for equines. They also support owners whose horses have behavioural isssues with online coaching and live lessons.
  • Heart Centered Horsemanship, Foxchase Farm in Salisbury, NC provides non-ridden services: Myofascial Release and Horsemanship. Equine assisted learning opportunities for groups and individuals. Equine assisted therapeutic activities and professionals training. Yoga and Horses. Relationship based training for horses and their people through bodywork and groundwork. 
  • The Gift of The Horse in San Francisco is a safe space where we learn to see the horse and every being we encounter with spiritual sight. We learn to see beyond the form, to the essence within. From this place, we learn, through time spent with the horse, who we are and perhaps more importantly, who we are not. 
  • HERD - Human Equine Realised Development based in Luxembourg support the well-being and development of humans and horses through our unique blend of EFL, Horsemanship, Mindfulness and Coaching.  Connection, respect and relationship are at the core of all our work and the role of horses as skilled and insightful teachers in their own right is acknowledged and honoured. 
  • Equine Encounters Nosara in Costa Rica provides opportuinites for people to spend quality time with horses in order to connect with them and with themselves without riding them. 
  • Happy Hooves Equine Rescue strives to create a shelter for equines. It is a rescue that provides care, rehabilitation and adoption services for abused, neglected, abandoned and unwanted horses. We have also incorporated many horses into our lesson program at Liberty Prairie Farm. These horses have become kind and patient teachers to our students, both children and adults. We cannot underestimate the importance of making a horse feel that they have a purpose in life. 
  • Equine Experiential Education Association in Reno, Nevada, USA teaches and certifies EAL practitioners. 
  • The Backyard Barn Foundation in Delaware, USA is a non profit 592(c)3 providing EAL, EFP services for special groups. 
  • Equissential Growth Strategies LLC in Delaware, Pennyslvania Maryland in the U.S. offers traditional and Equine Assisted Learning (Certified Practitioner). They do leadership, team building, EQ counseling, family dynamics and more. 
  • SummerWood Stables in Los Angeles, California, USA offers a holistic approach towards equines. They provide not just riding but complete horsemanship, including liberty work, agility, other non-riding equestrian disciplines, grooming, tacking, and caring for the horse. They encourage immersion and nurture horse lovers, and provide a complete equine experience. The link takes you to their Facebook page. 
  • Margaretha Montagu's Workshops and Books is based in the south of France, 90 minutes south-east of Bordeaux. Dr Margaretha Montagu hosts 5/7 day residential retreats introducing participants to mindfulness and meditation with the help of my horses. She is an equine-assisted personal empowerment coach, EAGALA certified. She absolutely loves doing this (for many participants life-changing) work; she has been doing it for 10 years now. All the activities during the retreats happen with participants feet firmly on the ground, there is no riding during our retreats. 
  • AZ Horse Agility is based in Hereford, Arizona USA. AZ Horse Agility concentrates mainly on horse agility and liberty. They also offer in-hand balance training to help horses stay strong and balanced. They also offer meditation circles and drumming with horses. They are developing a program for US Veterans and suicide survivors. They are a HAAT with the International Horse Agility Club. 
  • Grey Oaks Equine Sancturary is nestled at the foot of the Arbuckle Mountains in Oklahoma. It is a place of refuge for equines. Those who come to live here stay, until the time to ‘walk across the bridge’ is at hand. When that time comes, they never walk alone. 
  • Cortijo Los Lobos, Ethical Horsemanship is in Villanueva el Trabuco, inland from Malaga, Spain. They are a horse rescue centre in Southern Spain. They offer bitless and barefoot riding holidays but are gradually phasing out the riding as the horses get older. They have already made the riding walk only and they encourage guests to take horses for walk in hand. They also run lots of non ridden courses for the benefit of the horses and humans. Their aim is to eventually be totally non ridden, but as their riding holiday income funds the care of the rescue horses, they have to do it gradually. They encourage non ridden guests as well as riders.  Their horses will be with them until they die, so they are always looking at ways to cover their care as they get older. 
  • Wendee and Friends is in Napa County California, USA. Horses are our teachers and healers. IWendee teaches Reiki with animals and positive reinforcement clicker training, as well as a writers workshop. She has 3 horse teachers and her sessions honor the horses as our partners in learning. Wise Mustang Yogi, 20 is the herd leader. The youngsters Brioso age 5 and Arteiro age 4, teach people to be confident, and to stay in a place of “all is well.” 
  • Kindred Farm Rescue (Healing Horses, Healing Hearts Program) is based in North Gower, Ontario Canada. Named contact is Liz Tompkins. They are a rescue from slaughter farm, which has also turned into a sanctuary so to speak. Although there is some riding, it is not the focus. They run an Equine Assisted Learning Program with their horses (which is non riding also) helping at risk youth, veterans and front line workers. 
  • Pregnant mare Rescue, Inc in California was founded in 2006, the pregnant mare rescue has been taking in unwanted pregnant mares and orphaned foals. They provide temporary sanctuary until they are ready for rehoming. They are not anti-riding, but they are a non-riding facility. Their focus is on sharing the many gifts horses share without ever being ridden. 
  • Horse Hub Library is based in Canberra, Australia. Horse Hub Library is a community not-for-profit library for horse people.
  • BlixxHorses is run by Gabriela Rodriguez in Kennebunk, Maine USA. BlixxHorses is an IRS 501(c)(3) certified charitable organization. They provide interactive, therapeutic non riding programs since 2007 with the help of their 3 horses.. All 3 horses are considered to be rescues because they were in jeopardy when acquired. Their programming includes transporting the horses for programs & visits in the local communities to expose the public to horses. BlixxHorses is an educational organization and they are advocates for the welfare of horses, encouraging people to keep their horses in good care for life. They are the 1st in New England to provide this type programming and one of the 1st in the U.S. 
  • Life Coaching With Horses 501(c)(3) Central Coast California,  USA  promotes facilitation that creates "careers " for horses without riding involved and allows deeper human- horse bonding and healing.  : 
  • Free Spirit Sanctuary is located in the foothills of the Alberta Rocky Mountains Cochrane, Alberta, Canada. It provides a lifelong home for rescued wild and domestic horses, donkeys and mules, where they live in peace and freedom. FSS has been a non-riding organization for over a decade. They believe that every horse has inherent value, and deserves to be treated with compassion and respect. To fund the sanctuary they offer online programs to guide people on a shared journey of inner rewilding with their horses. They are also starting the "Free Spirit Horses" podcast.
  • Hippolysis is in Marathon Athens Greece. Equine assisted psychotherapy ( no riding ). Horses are rescued. If they choose they provide psychotherapy to humans. 
  • Deurinck - Positive Horse Training is based in the Netherlands. Suzy Deurinck (MSc. Animal Science) helps empathetic horse owners to ditch the pressure for positive! Together we can build an engaged and force-free relationship that is fun for the horse as well.

If you run a business that is non ridden equine friendly and want it to be included in the list of Non Ridden Equine Friendly Businesses please click here for information on how to apply. It is FREE to apply and be listed.

The Non Ridden Equine Friendly status is not a quality kite mark or quality standard. The Non Ridden Equine Association UK is not able to assess or apply a quality standard as the equine industry is too diverse.