Non Ridden Equine Friendly Equine Care

Here we list businesses that have been awarded Non Ridden Equine Friendly status. If you run a horse care business that promotes non ridden alongside riding and wish to apply for Non Ridden Equine Friendly status click here for more information. It is FREE to apply and FREE to be listed. 

In no priority order

  • Equiculture is UK based and is a resource for sustainable horse keeping. Many of their clients have non ridden horses. 
  • Holistic Horses Hoof Care Courses is run by Lara Sportelli and is international. Holistic Horses Hoof Care Courses are for all barefoot horse owners, who would like to look after and maintain their own horses feet and keep them in optimum health in between professional trims. The courses are 3 full days of trimming and the theory will be sent to you via email before the course commences. 

We would love more businesses to be listed.

If you run a business and want it to be included in the list of Non Ridden Equine Friendly Businesses please click here for information on how to apply. It is FREE to apply and be listed.

The Non Ridden Equine Friendly status is not a quality kite mark or quality standard. The Non Ridden Equine Association UK is not able to assess or apply a quality standard as the equine industry is too diverse.  

Please note we have a webpage with lots of resources and information on Caring for Your Non Ridden Equine.