Online Showing

Online showing is great fun.

Each of us has the best horse, and none of us are wrong. If you are looking to celebrate your beloved non ridden equine you should give online showing a go. There are lots of fun activities you can enjoy with your equine that you can do from home. Online showing is one. There are many online showing platforms out there and they cater for ridden and non ridden equines. So there are plenty of classes each month you can choose from. Everything from traditional showing, to fun classes and everything in-between. 

It is very easy and fun to compete. There are wonderful rosettes to win and prizes too. Plus you can enjoy viewing other people’s entries. Most platforms that provide online showing are international too, so no matter where you live you can join in.

Below is a list of online showing platforms we know about. Please click on their link to find out more. Each online showing platform has their own rules and method of how to enter. Our experience has been the people who run them are very approachable and happy to help you get started with online showing.     

Below are a few links to websites that provide on-line showing platforms. They also have Facebook pages. 

Below are a few links to Facebook Online Showing Platforms  

We are happy to add details of other online showing platforms that are not listed. Please Get in Touch and give us the details. We are also happy to include other platforms that celebrate any aspect of non ridden.